When I thought about leaving college I wondered, why the hell did I decide to go to college? And why did I choose to study Biotechnological Engineering? It was frustrating, not because of the college or my major, but for being the first time that I was questioning myself and I didn’t have concrete answers. Nowadays, I realize that was the first step through my journey of getting to know myself better, aka self-knowledge .

One skill that is highly transferable and you must develop in order to know yourself is asking good questions. This is what good psychologists do, they are aware that they only can help you if they truly know who you are. So they ask the right questions. They dig in until they get to the core.

Then ask! It doesn’t matter if you have the answers, or even if they are right or wrong. There isn’t a right answer. It’s about you. You define the terms, they’re your terms. You’ll see that the questions might change along your journey and also the answers for the same questions you made in the past. Study your Q&A, document your thoughts, proactively consolidate your knowledge about yourself by writing. Write a blog post or record an audio on Evernote. But never stop asking.