Don’t Ever Lose a Chance to Help Someone

People are used to getting from the world more than they provide. Worse, some think they deserve it.

People like those approach relationships as takers, always asking for more. Always asking for help and never helping.

I read a book that changed my mind about how we approach relationships. Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success by Adam Grant.

Sometimes, the effort you put to help someone is minimum, but the outcome for the other person can be huge. You may help just by providing an insight or helping a friend to move, or just listening to a friend’s problems. It’s not that hard, right? But why most people aren’t willing to do it?

When helped, most of the people feel like they owe you something.

The value that they can provide you back may be networking, a place to stay when you need to travel to another city. Sometimes, you may never get anything from them. It was never the intention to receive something in return. That’s the beauty of it.

By being a Giver, I always had a place to sleep when traveling. I met awesome people in events. I was invited to speak at universities. This is way better than money.

Don’t ever lose a chance to help someone. See your friend’s or family’s problems as your own. Be a Giver.