Happy or Unhappy, It’s On You

Why are human beings so hard to understand?

Whenever it’s hot, we wish it’d be cold. Whenever it’s cold, we wish it’d be hot.

Whenever we’re single, we wish we’d be dating. Whenever we’re dating, we wish we’d be single.

We may choose a job and wish we’d had chosen the other one.

We may lose an opportunity and regret it for the rest of our lives.

A life of antagonism, always wanting the opposite. Why wish what we can’t have? Why do we regret what can’t be fixed anymore? Why aren’t we never happy?

Here’s the secret of happiness: knowing that you own it.

I’m not ignoring the external world. It brings you ups and downs and that’s exactly why you can’t depend on him.

Happy or Unhappy. The process is first choosing one, then mold your external world, not the opposite. It’s on you to decide how to feel. When you own your self, you shape actions according to that.

If you feel Happy, you’ll treat yourself better. You won’t let people shake your self because you’ll be the only one allowed to do it.

Now think about if you choose the other way.

If you feel Unhappy, you’ll let yourself be treated as one.

If you choose to be a victim, others will always be wrong and you’ll be right. You’ll let be shaken.

Happiness is a choice you own. The result is much more predictable when there’s just one factor involved. I’m not saying that’s easy. In fact, the path to happiness is the hardest one.

But harder paths bring you greater rewards.
Which one will you choose?