Own It

I was hired by a company that is disruptively growing. A startup that became huge. A bunch of young people transforming the market of payments in Brazil.

This fast growth wasn’t accompanied by structured processes. In my first month, I had no leader (and still don’t). They sent me to São Paulo and to Marília for one month for training. They were trying to buy time because the job I was hired for wasn’t ready yet.

I wanted to do real work. To be part of the transformation they sold me. I demanded it and they gave me.

Now, I’m alone in Araçatuba. I’m organizing the new office, helping to recruit people for our team here and selling on the streets.

I still could be on training in Marilia. They were paying my hotel, my trip, and my food. But I wasn’t satisfied. I thought as an owner. I was just creating costs, but no value. I demanded responsibility.

In every company you work, think about it as if you were the only owner. Would you still be doing things the way you are?

Own it.