I had a weird education, and if you studied at a school, I bet you also had.

I learned to deliver in the last moment. I was reactive, not proactive. I thought about grades, not value.

In the market, there’s no last moment. You need to do it fast. The faster, the better. If you just wait for your boss to order you, you’re being reactive. If you’re just doing the minimum at your current job, you’re not thinking about value. “It’s not my fault”. “It’s the way I learned.” Both are just excuses to fail. Don’t buy it.

Now, it’s for real. There are no excuses anymore. No secure environment. If I don’t do it, there will be real consequences, not just bad grades.

It’s time to overdeliver before the deadline. To be proactive. To create real value. It’s time to be unschooled.