Your values, do you value them?

We tend to have different lives. I’m one person at my job, a different one at home and another with my friends. Does it have to be this way?

I’m not saying that you should become your work or that you should act with your coworkers the same way you do with your friends. I’m saying that you have to be true to yourself, it’s about living with integrity.

For you to be true to yourself, you must know who is ‘yourself’ first. And that’s self-knowledge.

Self-knowledge is about understanding your core values, your inner motivation, your weaknesses and strengths. Your values are the most important aspects about yourself, they’re present in every act and in every thought. They drive you.

Imagine this analogy: think about a goal you have, it might be having your own successful company. Now think about how you’ll get there. Would you do illegal things, like evading taxes or stealing? Would you do things in the edge of illegality, like being unethical with a competitor or with your own customers? Would you be client-focused or competitor-focused? Or would you build a great team and keep all legal? The ‘hows’ of how you’ll achieve your goals are your values.

If you respect your core values when deciding with whom you work, or when you choose your friends or who you date, you’ll be true to yourself. It’s not about to relate just with people exactly like you, that would be dangerous. The values are deeper than that, they aren’t the act itself, but the reason behind it.

If one of your values is to be ethical, don’t be friend of a person who steals candies in the line of the supermarket. If one of your values is to help others, look for an opportunity to do some volunteer work, there you’ll probably find people who share your values.

To enrich your network doesn’t mean just add, it also means to get rid of wrong people in your life, it’s like the extract of your bank account, you gotta keep it green. Get to know yourself, understand your values and enrich your network. This isn’t a magic formula to live happier, but I guarantee you’ll live with more integrity.